The Prince of Drama Ministry 

- a solo mime worshipper 



-actor (plays, biblical character monologues)

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Behind the Prince

So, why the name "Prince of Drama"?

Behind the stage and lights, behind the husband and father, I am a king in the kingdom of God. With this gift of mime and drama,  an outlet to worship God freely , bring peace in the mind, body and soul for the saved and lost is the purpose . 

Being seated in heavenly places with Jesus, "The Prince of Peace", is my position in Him  to use drama with peace  to free those in bondage and  loose those  by His Presence and Word.   

What our customers are saying


 hat tip was a common non-verbal greeting between friends or acquaintances while walking or meeting at a social gathering. Typically, two men (female hat tipping was rare) would lift or tip their hats to each other, rather than exchange words of greeting. Where the ritual was used to emphasize social distance, the subordinate was obliged to make the more elaborate gesture, for example fully removing his hat while the superior merely touched his.

-"Tipping of the hat is my sign of worship and recognition of His presence"

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Our Recent Work

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"I Offer My Life" by Cornell Burton, Jr.

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